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There are several reasons that make Mandera South Member of Parliament shine and stand out from his counterparts.

Firstly, this leader has unmatched dedication, zeal, commitment and a great touch with the ‘ground’

“I had the opportunity to meet with the Mandera South NG-CDF Teacher Scholarship beneficiaries today at Garisa University… The 125 students are the largest single block of students from one constituency studying at Garissa University… the scholarship programme will definitely play a pivotal role in the lives of many meritorious students from Mandera South Constituency. Other groups of students under the same programme are enrolled for Diploma Primary Teacher Training colleges in Mandera and Garissa TTCs…

Due to financial constraints, many students targeted under this program are challenged to continue their higher education without support.

The Scholarship Program which is a partnership between the office of the MP, the NG CDF and Garissa University will enable students to overcome their financial challenges and pursue higher education while at the same time help northeastern region overcome the teacher shortage challenges currently facing the region.

The beneficiaries will finally becomes torchbearers for many other marginalized and meritorious youngsters from the region.

Balaanteenu Waa Shaqo…”

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