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State Department for labour and skills development plans for upscaling welfare of migrant workers

The Government through the State Department for labour and skills development is having a plan for upscaling the welfare of migrant workers who have for a long time felt a bit left out.

According to the latest statistics, the migrant workers in the diaspora pump into our country’s economic Ksh 500 Billion annually. This is set to increase as the government continues to explore new and emerging markets whilst reinforcing the traditional ones.

Principal Secretary in the State Department of Labor and skills development Geoffrey Kaituko in an interview with one of the leading stations, alluded to a Government’s ambitious plan to create a migrants welfare fund which is expected among other things to: provide relief assistance, legal assistance and also psychosocial support to migrant workers.

The PS said:
“The fund will be administered by a Board and it will also also facilitate repatriation of migrant workers who are either in distress or opt to terminate their stay abroad. This fund once operational, will be a safety net for the diaspora community once they encounter difficulties or trouble in foreign land.
It’s purely going to be a voluntary fund and we are asking Kenyans to support it.”

Our Constitution is very emphatic on the Importance of public participation and hence ring-fenced in articles 10,211,124,232.

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