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What to do to achieve financial security

Most Kenyans find the road to financial freedom bumpy as sometimes far fetched.

One of the most common financial obstacles is debt. Debt can come in many forms, including credit card debt, student loan debt, and medical debt. These debts can be difficult to manage and can prevent you from reaching your financial goals.

But today respected financial advisor, mentor and Captain of the Industry Peter Macharia Kamau, Founder and Managing Director of Jijenge Credit has taken a moment to give us the secret towards achieving financial freedom.

Mr Kamau notes,

“financial freedom behind with a single step towards responsible borrowing and wise investments.”

He might be a man of very few words but whenever Mr. Peter Macharia Kamau speaks, he enlightens, motivates, encourages and leads by example.

From our desk we wish Jijenge Credit founder and managing director Peter Macharia Kamau good health, strength of body and mind, longevity and God’s immeasurable blessings

.Jijenge is a top award winner the most recent one being voted the Best Logbook Finance Provider in 2023 in the Automotive Industry 100 Awards – 2023.

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