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Wise Thoughts From Ikolomani MP

Ikolomani MP Hon Shinali has taken a moment to share with us the steps Parliament ought to take to bridge the gap of inadequacies in access to healthcare.

Hon Shinali notes,

“Thank you very much my name is Shinali MP for Ikolomani, Kakamega County.

I’m here to join Kisumu members of Parliament and PharmAccess to look at how we can better healthcare in our communities. I have partnered once with PharmAccess and we have done registration and identification of the poor of the poor, the PWDs and those ones who are not captured on any program either of the county government and the national government to make sure we have registered them under NHIF.

The challenges on the ground is that all these programs put together they are not able to collect or get all those ones who are supposed to benefit, they are not identified clearly. So the member of parliament comes in to play a role to take those ones who have been left out and number two, just to make sure the correct thing is being done in terms of identifying the beneficiaries of NHIF and health programs that maybe will be rolled in future.

Lastly I want to ask the county government and the national government and my colleagues that we do not politicise matters health. Health programs should run even if you are not in leadership whoever comes in after you should be able to take over the programs so that our people are served

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