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Dairyland Relaunches Chocolate Bars with New Look and Flavors

Dairyland, the pioneering local Dairy and confectionery manufacturing company, is thrilled to announce the relaunch of its chocolate bars with a new look, improved formulation, and campaign called β€œThe Kenyan Love Language.” This initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to connect with our cherished customers while embracing the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences and economic climates.

For over 25 years, Dairyland has been synonymous with unrivaled product quality and is the sole local chocolate manufacturer in Kenya. Our dedication to excellence has propelled us to expand our reach across the Eastern & Central African region, reaffirming our position as a leader in the industry.

The relaunched chocolate bars feature a more fun and vibrant design that is intended to appeal to a wider range of consumers. The formulation has also been improved to deliver a richer and more flavorful chocolate experience.

“We are excited to relaunch our chocolate bars with a new look, improved formulation, and campaign that truly reflects our brand values,” said Milan Kabata, Head of Marketing. “We wanted to create a chocolate that is both delicious and affordable, and that speaks to the unique Kenyan love experience.” The “The Kenyan Love Language” campaign aims to tell the story of how Kenyans express their love in a unique and special way. The campaign will feature a variety of experiences and activations that celebrate the many different ways that Kenyans love each other.

“We wanted to create a campaign that would resonate with our target audience and make them feel like our chocolates are made for them,” said Milan.

“We believe that our chocolates are a perfect way to express love to the people in our lives, and we are excited to share this message with Kenyans everywhere.”

The relaunched chocolate bars will be available in a variety of flavors, including original milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and flavored chocolates such as hazelnut and coconut. The bars will be available at modern trade and general trade retailers across Kenya.

Dairyland is committed to providing Kenyan consumers with high-quality chocolate products at an affordable price. The company believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a luxury treat without breaking the bank.
“We are excited to introduce our new chocolate bars to Kenyan consumers,” said Milan. “We believe that these bars are a delicious and affordable way to express love to the people in our lives.”

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