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Motivational Food For Our Souls from Madam CEO

Madam CEO Dr. Esther Muchemi (Group Chief Executive Officer of the Samchi Group) and a respected Captain of the industry has taken a moment to share with us motivation this Wednesday morning.


Or is it much more?

If you have been following the “financial news” lately, you must have come across the fact that there is an almost one-time high default on bank loans.

My observation is that not only bank loans are being defaulted, but also, business to business creditors are also taking a little longer to clear.
Landlords I am sure are experiencing a little more struggle to collect their rents.
And the story could be true in many other areas(share with me your experience).

But the worst is, individual to individual loans!
Unless you are prepared to lose, don’t go there please, not to a friend, not to a relative, not to a colleague. Just don’t!

So what is this an indication and a call of?


  1. Things are tough and may get tougher before we are out of the woods.
  2. Don’t be wasteful as a nation, community, family or even at a personal level.
  3. We need to preserve ourselves as a Nation, as families, as companies, as institutions.

In other words, just tighten your belt, keep that extra cash, one more day, one more week, one more month, one more year, it may well be your survival tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

The other thing you need to realise is that, this is not the time for cash to be lying idle.

Do you know that bank interest rates for fixed deposits have gone up to between 10 and 12%? Some investments are up to 17%?

Well, if you can’t invest your finances on your own, speak to a financial advisor.

If I am not wrong, even Mshwari is paying interest; put that extra cash on a daily basis to some savings scheme.
Some of us may even need those piggy banks to help!!

Some stock prices i.e. shares are at rock bottom, good for those people who can take a long term view and can wait for recovery.

Land is a good way to invest, again, for speculative purposes.
Watch out for con-men here though!

And yes, today I want to sensitize us on two things:-
1) Tightening our belts in these tough times.
2) Investing wisely of any extra funds you have.

I am doing the same, and can’t leave you behind my lovely, great people!

Madam CEO.

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