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Cabinet Secretary For Tourism and Wildlife Alfred Mutua is such a good man

Your Excellency Hon. Musalia MUDAVADI, Prime Cabinet Secretary and incoming Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs,
Senior Leadership of the Ministry represented here by Ms. Roseline NJOGU, the PS State Department for Diaspora Affairs.
Members of the Fourth Estate
Ladies and Gentlemen.

  1. It is with great honour that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you, Waziri Mkuu, on your appointment as the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Kenya.
  2. The expansion of your mandate reaffirms His Excellency President William RUTO’s commitment to elevating the profile of our beloved country and a testament of His Excellency’s trust in your ability to lead in this capacity.  
  3. In the eleven months that I have served at the helm of the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, I have had the honour and privilege to advance Kenya’s national interests in the international arena by enhancing strategic bilateral and multilateral partnerships, including reigniting friendships with the brotherly countries of the Global South. The Ministry has also worked tirelessly to champion issues of Peace, Security, as well as sustainable Development at the continental level, in the spirit of positive Pan-Africanism.
  4. Similarly, we have worked diligently to promote Kenya’s Economic Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, and Environmental Diplomacy, as exemplified by the hosting of a successful 5th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of the African Union in July of this year, and the Africa Climate Summit in September 2023.
  5. In the last one year our Foreign Policy has been guided by the need to empower the Kenyan people. Many of you have asked whether our policy is East or West leaning. I have previously said that our policy is WORLD leaning for the benefit of our people.
  6. The visa free regime for Kenyans travelling to South Africa, DRC, Senegal, Eritrea and Congo Brazzaville has created opportunities for business communities. We continued to align our work plans to resonate with the Bottom-up economic transformation agenda (BETA) as per the pillars of Kenya Kwanza, namely Agriculture, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Housing and settlement, Healthcare, Digital superhighway and creative economy and Environment and climate change.
  7. Due to our continued engagements, Moderna will set up a USD 500 million manufacturing plant in Tatu city to produce pharmaceuticals and vaccines for Kenya and Africa. The factory will have capacity to produce  500 million doses of vaccines per year as well as other pharmaceuticals, thus creating jobs and earn the country the much needed forex.
  8. Furthermore, in line with His Excellency President’s recognition of the important role that Kenyans in Diaspora play in our country’s development, I am proud to have led the Ministry in operationalising the State Department of Diaspora Affairs, which since inception is working tirelessly to enhance the welfare of Kenyans in Diaspora.
  9. These great achievements would not have been possible without the support of my dedicated staff at the Ministry led by the highly professional and experienced leadership team consisting of Dr. Korir Sing’oei, Principal Secretary, State Department for Foreign Affairs and Ms. Roseline NJOGU, Principal Secretary for Diaspora Affairs.
  10. I am also grateful for the support offered to me by all Directors-General, Ambassadors and High Commissioners representing Kenya abroad, the various Heads of Directorates, Divisions and Units, as well as all Ministry staff serving both locally and in our Missions. I remain confident that this team will extend to you the same support they have accorded me to enable you to execute your mandate effectively.
  11. Equally, I remain ready to offer unequivocal support and counsel to you Waziri Mkuu, in the spirit of the Whole-of-Government approach to our Foreign Policy Dispensation, even as I assume my duties as the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife.
  12. Karibu to the Ministry. I am certain that under your leadership, mbele iko sawa.
  13. Asante

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