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Nimusimu Expresses Joy With Our Judiciary

The Hon Kwale Woman leader The Hon. Nimusimu Mwasina has expressed her joy with the Judiciary’s commitment to end Gender Based Violence.

In Kenya 40% of the reported cases of Gender Based Violence are meted on women and girls.

The Hon Nimusimu’s remarks follow the establishment of a specialized court to deal with SGBV cases, starting in Shanzu with ongoing roll out to other stations. The Judiciary has also developed an SGBV Strategy which aims to overcome institutional,

Sexual and Gender Based Violence has tremendous cost to the community, it affects the family’s wellbeing, productivity and it affects government programmes. To keep SGBV offenders behind bars, it costs 300 shillings per day for one convict.

The cost of incarceration is huge and goes beyond the cost of containment.

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