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Kenbright in the Frontline to Demystify Insurance

Kenbright Insurance provides the best and most competitive rates in the region.

In a candid interview with The Managing Director of Kenbright Ezekiel Macharia he highlighted some of the plans they are having in a bid to make insurance more palatable.

Insurance penetration in the country is just at a partly 3%.

“As Kenbright we buy insurance in bulk from the major insurance companies and then we package the same to pocket friendly packages for everyone to consume. I’m calling upon everyone to embrace insurance so that in the time of shock you can have a reliable partner.

I recommend that a part of your earning, which should not exceed five percent of your earnings. These will one day come in handy at the time of need.

Partnering with Safaricom, Kenbright has been able to develop an App embedded in the Mpesa app where everyone who has a smartphone is able to access a wide range of tailor made, affordable insurance products

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