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Member of County Assembly for Kwa Njenga Mheshimiwa Kimondo has outlined his scorecard just one year down the line

The leader who was elected on an independent ticket took the first opportunity to thank the residents of Kwa Njenga for believing in his able leadership. It will be noted that Mheshimiwa Kimondo is one independent – minded leader who stands for justice, equality, transparency and fairness for all.

For example, when awarding the bursaries, Hon Kimondo makes sure that all the needy cases are given the first priority regardless of their ethnic background.

Hon Kimondo also highlighted his brilliant plan to see to it that Kwa Njenga gets a modern market and also push with the relevant government agencies to see that the land issue is solved once and for all.

Mr Kimondo opines that he wouldn’t like to witness what has happened in Mavoko recently where houses were demolished for encroaching into East Africa Portland premises.

His vision is to see to it that infrastructure development is key among his development blueprint.

With proper roads, he says,they open up the area for investors whilst spurring social economic development and prosperity.

From our desk we wish Hon Kimondo God’s immeasurable blessings, good health of body mind and soul and prosperity beyond his imagination.

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