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Bishop Kieru Opposes LGBTQ Agenda

Apostolic Bishop of Kenya Assemblies of God Nyahururu District His Grace Dr. Bishop Simon Kieru has asked the Western nations to stop pushing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer agenda down the throats of Kenyans and other African nations.

He said although the Western nations had made LQBTQ part of their lives and even the law it was wrong for them to push the same to other regions where it was not welcome.

“We know God created mankind to procreate and bear children through man and woman relationship but not through any unacceptable means,” Bishop Kieru said.

He claimed that LQBTQ was not Godly and was a creation of some evil human beings.

“I urge that as Kenyans we should continue to respect our cultures and beliefs and avoid being misled into foreign behaviour,” His Grace said.

He said LQBTQ was now a major concern for Kenyans, especially parents.

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