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By Martin Mugambi Advocacy officer Kenya Platform for Climate Governance PACJA
Improper waste management are detrimental to the ecosystem thus contributes to climate change catastrophes .
The menace of waste management has become so rampant in different parts of the country, particularly our urban centres, cities and towns are struggling with tremendous negative effects to the ecosystem. Because of population increase, the amount of waste has increased and urban managers are left with a crisis on how to manage waste.
Greenhouse gases released to the ecosystem are causing long term effects in that if action is not taken majority will continue to suffer negative effects of climate change. The long effects contain signs of mutation in animals, human being diseases like cancer and destruction of natural resources. In addition, this act has impacted the economy in agricultural sector negatively because some of the wastes contain hazardous substances harmful to the planet.
To address this issue we call upon the county government to implement policies in place set to regulate waste disposal at the county levels. There is a need for national government in collaboration with county governments to have a common Solid Waste Management Act to ease the regulation of waste management in the country. The government must also strengthen the existing environmental related institutions and also come up with mobile officers to monitor the disposal of wastes in different parts of the country under the leadership of both levels of government.
There is a need for government to invest in environmental friendly initiatives by supporting individuals and organizations involved in recycling and reusing initiatives to help in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by energy consumption and likewise contributes to economic growth.
The CSO’s must come up strongly to demand the relevant government institutions to take action on the issue of waste and disposal management and pushing for the implementation the existing policies and regulations which are friendly to the ecosystem. Non state actors advocacy techniques like matching, public awareness campaigns vis-à-vis the waste disposal and its dangers to the ecosystem can be of great benefits in addressing the issue at hand.

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