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Dr Esther Muchemi Thought on Value of a Talk

Our very own kind, golden-hearted, humble and truthful Madam CEO Dr. Esther Muchemi has taken a moment this Monday morning to enlighten us on the qualities of a talk in which she engages in:


I am on average, a good listener, but only where the conversation is making sense.

And how do I rate conversation / talk worth my time?

1) It must have an objective.
2) It must be factual and truthful.
3) It must be timely. E.g., speak to me about challenges of targets at the beginning or into the month and not after the event.
4) It must respect the institution and its people. You can’t look down upon people and get my hearing.
5) Information must be accurate and well researched.
6) The conversation must be official and professional.
7) I must be able to see the value of what the conversation is about.
8) If it’s about a problem , it needs to have suggested solutions.

Without these, and I guess a few other things,
I find my mind shuts into the noise very quickly, and of late, my body language seems to automatically communicate my lack of interest as well.

“What has changed?”
I found myself asking.

I guess one possible reason is my experience and the wisdom, achieved over time, makes me capture things much faster than I would before.

It does seem the more experience you get, the faster you absorb what is in a conversation.

So, the people reporting to such people, need to be aware and prepare well before getting into the “corner” offices so to speak.

This is not meant to scare us.
On the contrary, I am just letting you into our world so that you can get better.

And by the way, have you noticed big talkers are short in quality talk?

Be a quality and not quantity talker, especially to those above you.

Use time given to you wisely. Preparation is key, don’t you ever forget that.

A new week it is.

“Twende Kazi!”

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