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Murang’a Tops in Healthcare for Indigents

The National Health Insurance Fund and Murang’a County Government have today signed a deal to provide free healthcare to 38,865 households (120,000 residents) of the county under Kang’atacare programme.

Among the benefits of the Kang’ataCare is inpatient and outpatient treatment paid for by the county and members access the services for free. The other benefits package includes maternity, oncology, radiology, emergency evacuation, foreign treatment, surgical, dialysis and mental & behavioural health.

Additionally, members of Kang’ataCare access dental and optical treatment and other chronic illnesses.

Kang’ataCare programme is offered to vulnerable households who are registered in a county-wide programme spearheaded by the community. Those identified get the Kang’ataCare card for use in private and public hospitals.

Last financial year, the project covered 20,700 households. This year, registered members increased to 38,865 households due to the popularity of the programme.

Members in the first phase will continue to enjoy Kang’ataCare and the additional 18,165 households will commence on 1st January 2024, until 31st December 2024.





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