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Nairobi County Celebrates Graduation of Firefighters at Kagundo Road

A momentous celebration unfolded on Tuesday at Kagundo Road as Nairobi County proudly witnessed the graduation of 93 dedicated individuals into the esteemed ranks of firefighting professionals.

These graduates, now part of the line of rescue teams, completed rigorous training in fire behavior, rescue techniques, first aid, and the proficient handling of firefighting equipment.

The event was graced by Governor Johnson Sakaja and his deputy Njoroge Muchiri, both acknowledging the valor and commitment inherent in the work of firefighters. Governor Sakaja, dressed in firefighter gear, as a gesture of respect, emphasized the critical role of these professionals in safeguarding the community. He stated,

“Disrespect towards firefighters will not be tolerated; it will be met with consequences more severe than those for a criminal in a murder case.”

The Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri commended the discipline demonstrated by the graduates, highlighting the challenges overcome in achieving such a milestone. Expressing admiration for the dedication displayed by the graduates, he urged the community to emulate their commitment to overcome challenges.

In recognition of their unwavering dedication, Governor Sakaja awarded the graduates with trophies and certificates, acknowledging their sacrifice in ensuring the safety of Nairobi’s populace. He praised Chief Officer Bram Simiyu for his exceptional leadership in disaster management and pledged increased investments in advanced firefighting equipment to maintain Nairobi as a center of excellence in fire response within East Africa. Additionally, the Governor promised to ensure the welfare of the people and unveiled plans for the commissioning of firewomen dormitories in Tom Mboya, established in 1909.

Chief Officer Bram Simiyu encouraged the new graduates to spread awareness about fire safety, emphasizing the importance of self-rescue strategies even before the arrival of the firefighting teams.

Governor Sakaja concluded by revealing the proactive measures being undertaken by the Green Army, Mobility, and Disaster sector to prepare Nairobians for the upcoming El Niño, scheduled to occur in three weeks. The efforts underscored the county’s commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of its residents in the face of natural disasters.

The ceremony highlighted not just the graduation of new firefighters but also emphasized the county’s dedication to bolstering firefighting capabilities and fostering a culture of safety and preparedness among its citizens.

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