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Brother Isaac GM Andabwa Trashes Retrogressive Ideologists

The Secretary General of Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa has taken a moment to reflect on the gains made so far in dignifying the private security workers in the country, whilst downplaying and trashing a cross section of a few misguided fellows who are ignorant of the gains made so far for the benefit of the private security workers.

The Hon. Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa notes,

“Anyone who is calling for public participation in order to improve the remuneration of private security workers in the country must be misguided.

The greatest challenge in our country is enforcement of the law. Ever since the reign of the third president Mwai Kibaki, he Spearheaded increment of minimum wage for the private security workers. His predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta did the same through the ministry of Labour.

I’d like to say that anyone who has a security firm and h
Is not paying a minimum wage is not only a thief but a very corrupt fellow. Regulations bring everything on the limelight.

Anyone also purporting to downplay efforts to raise minimum wage of those on the bottommost pyramid under the Bottom up Economic Transformation Agenda BETA is an enemy of progress.

That means the plight of private security workers from Western who number 60%will drastically improve especially as we approach the Christmas season.

Private security industry is undergoing Reforms more so touching on the economic welfare of the guards, then enhancing matters capacity building through training.

Fazul Mohammed, the Director General of Private Security Regulatory Authority is just enforcing legal notices which had been neglected by the employers.

So the issue is not about public participation neither payment/ minimum wage but every country must exercise to announce or legally through gazette to protect the least paid worker in a particular country.

So anybody who is politicising the same increment is an enemy of the guards and also a disgrace to the country Kenya. As proponents of the positive Reforms in the industry, we are happy for the fruits that the private security workers are currently enjoying and we are fully behind Hon. Fazul and the Government in raising the welfare of those on the foot of the pyramid.”

Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa was responding to assertion by Gaulkey Kweya that private security players within Western region had decried the new rules saying many security companies are struggling to survive in business and those that are coming up will not be able to conform with the rules.

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