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Leading with Love Campaign: Pouring from an Empty Cup

Organized by Leadhers Africa Foundation, the “Leading with Love Campaign,” took place on 25th November, at the Public Service Club in Upper Hill, Nairobi. This event emerged as a transformative force in the realm of leadership, urging leaders to reevaluate their approaches and embrace a paradigm rooted in empathy, emotional wellness, and self-care. The event brought together a lineup of speakers, each shedding light on different facets of compassionate leadership, providing invaluable insights for all those attended
Ann Kobia Gitonga – HR at Pan African Climate Justice Alliance Leading with Love: Enhancing Emotional Wellness through Empathy and Connection in Leadership
Ann Kobia Gitonga, a luminary in the field of Human Resources at Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, opened the campaign with a poignant discussion on leading with love. Her insights delved into the profound impact of empathy and genuine connections in leadership, emphasizing that true strength lies in understanding and supporting the emotional well-being of oneself and others.
Joseph Mwangi – Head of Employee Wellness at Minet The Wheel of Life
Joseph Mwangi, Head of Employee Wellness at Minet, contributed a refreshing perspective with his exploration of “The Wheel of Life.” Mwangi highlighted the interconnectedness of various life dimensions, encouraging leaders to strive for balance beyond professional success. His talk resonated with the audience, underscoring the importance of holistic well-being in effective leadership.
Dr. Nasri Omar – Focal Person for Mental Health Legislation, Ministry of Health Kenya Leadership and Wellness – Workplace Wellness Policies and Procedures
Dr. Nasri Omar, a trailblazer in mental health legislation and system strengthening at the Ministry of Health Kenya, addressed the critical nexus of leadership and workplace wellness policies. Her expertise illuminated the role of organizational structures in fostering employee well-being, offering practical insights into creating environments that prioritize mental health in leadership strategies.
Dr. Catherine Wanjiku Waweru – Mental Health Standards and Service Delivery, Ministry of Health Kenya Strategies for Sustainable Emotional Wellness: Understanding its Spectrum and Significance
Dr. Catherine Wanjiku Waweru, a stalwart in mental health standards and service delivery, delved into sustainable strategies for emotional wellness. Her discourse expanded on the spectrum of emotional well-being, emphasizing the need for long-term, comprehensive approaches. Dr. Waweru’s insights added depth to the understanding of emotional wellness as a cornerstone of effective leadership.
Lynette Mwende – Clinical Psychologist Embracing Self-Prioritization: Why Putting Yourself First Is Essential
Lynette Mwende, a seasoned Clinical Psychologist, closed the event with a compelling discussion on self-prioritization. She challenged conventional notions by highlighting the essential nature of leaders prioritizing their well-being. Mwende’s insights resonated deeply, advocating that leaders must fill their own cups first before pouring into others.

A New Paradigm of Leadership
The “Leading with Love Campaign” illuminated a path towards a new paradigm of leadership—one grounded in empathy, holistic well-being, and self-prioritization. As leaders, we are not immune to the challenges we guide others through, and this campaign served as a beacon, urging us to lead with love, understanding, and a commitment to sustaining our own emotional wellness. The diverse perspectives of the speakers, coupled with the foundation’s visionary approach, collectively painted a comprehensive picture of compassionate leadership, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. The legacy of this campaign is an enduring call to pour from a cup that is not just full but overflowing with love and resilience.

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