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Nimusimu Mwasina Hails Upscaling of the Hustler Fund

It is now slowly dawning to Kenyans that the Government of His Excellency President Dr William Ruto is keen to deliver on its promises, key among them being the Bottom up Economic Transformation Agenda abbreviated as BETA.

This came to be fulfilled on Thursday 30th November when Kenyans received the Good news pertaining the upscaling of the Hustler Fund.

His Excellency The President Dr William Ruto announced that Kenyans will now be able to borrow more as the fund increases borrowing limits by up to 100 per cent.

“Additionally, for those who have demonstrated a commitment to saving, and your savings exceed your loan limit, we will double your credit limit,” he said

Reacting on this pronouncement, Kwale Woman leader Nimusimu Mwasina underscored the phenomenal economical transformation brought about by the fund. Hon Mwasina noted,

“The Hustler Fund has effectively fulfilled its primary objective by ensuring Kenyans have access to affordable credit.

One year later, the fund has disbursed KSh39.7 billion to 21.8 million people and mobilised KSh2 billion in savings. Total repayments stand at KShs 28.75 billion.

I urge Kenyans to continue borrowing and repaying on time so as to improve on their credit score,” she noted.

At the same time Hon. Mwasina implored upon Kenyans to continue supporting the Government to deliver on its other key transformation agenda blueprint for all Kenyans

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