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Dagma: Easing Land Ownership

Land ownership in Kenya had for a very long time been intertwined in a puzzle, complexity as well as having a big share of intrigues.

Most Kenyans ended up being duped and eventually losing their hard earned cash.

It’s for this reason that a reputable and leading land company came to solve the stalemate.

In 2017, Christopher Mathea Ndirangu, commonly known as Dagma started Dagma Land Investment Limited.

Since Dagma was born, it has been a great blessing for hundreds of thousands of Kenyans whose life has been positively transformed.

Dagma Lands Investment Limited has so far successfully delivered more than 50 projects whose owners have their title deeds.

On Saturday 2nd December, another 200 Kenyans were all smiles when they were handed their title deeds on an auspicious occasion.

Chris Dagma notes,

“This adds to our unwavering commitment of positive transformation of lives. We also have exciting offers whereby those who are buying our plots now can enjoy 3% discount,” he noted.

Dagma Investment is a member of the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders (RESA).

The Chairman of the Association, Mr. Kinyua Wairatu Graced the occasion whilst encouraging the investors to continue investing for prosperity.

Mr Kinyua also noted that since the association was formed, the real estate sector has been sanitized of some of crooked operators who were milking Kenyans dry

Mr Kinyua gave a piece of advice to the investors to only deal with companies that are under the umbrella of the association, one of them being Dagma Land Investment Limited.

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