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Nyakera Reaps Rewards of His Hardwork

Irungu Nyakera, Chairman of Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) has the pleasure to see fruits of his hardwork when he was the Principal Secretary For Transport.

Being the youngest PS then, Irungu Nyakera served selflessly and to the best of his capacity.

He has some insights to jog our memory abit

“As the PS who oversaw funding, construction and operationalization of the SGR, I propose the government to do the following:

  1. Push more cargo from roads to SGR by lowering cost of rail. Social benefits will include less road accidents and reduced road maintenance;
  2. Don’t spend more money expanding Mombasa road till capacity of SGR is utilized;
  3. Allow investors to run multiple passenger SGR trains as the stations can accommodate 8 to 16 exchanges/ trains. This will allow more passenger traffic on rail;
  4. Allow investors to run wagons on existing SGR cargo heads as cost of investment will come down while attractive pricing will reduce road transport for cargo;
  5. End the current Chinese operation contract and bring in a competitively sourced operator for the trains.

Implementing the above will make securing funding for Naivasha to Kisumu easy.”

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