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The 2023 Consumers International Global Congress opens in Kenya

By David Tum

Speaking to the press on his own capacity as a delegate representing Consumer Information Network ( C.I.N ), Mr Samuel Ochieng the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization underscored the importance of the congress holding this International meeting in the country and he applauded the Consumers Authority of Kenya (CAK) who are the host of this 2023 congress saying it’s a great recognition especially having the Deputy President as the chief guest.

Mr Ochieng who is also the President emeritus of the Consumer Information Network which was established in 1960.

This 2023 Consumers International Global Congress happening in Nairobi, is the first one to happen in Kenya and the second one in Africa. The first one of this kind in the continent of Africa took place in Durban South Africa.

He said he was hopeful that in the coming days there is a need to for all stakeholders involved in the Consumer protection to have a holistic engagement adding that consumer protection simply is about things like weighs and measures those basic things; even about the inspection of meat that people consume etc they are all consumers protection which calla for the need to have a more encompassing engagement.

” Consumer Rights in the Bill of Rights we are given 5 years to enact a law that would then protect consumers. But what we have now is a consolidation Act which is not very active; it establishes what we call Kenya Consumer Protection Advisory Committee. We had anticipated that we would have an authority and not an advisory committee.” Said Samuel Ochieng; the President Emeritus of C.I.

” But we hope it will graduate and get into an authority which will have teeth that can bite even to the point of having authority of moving into shelves and supermarkets and remove products that are harmful to consumers or those which are counterfeit ” he said.

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