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Matatu Owners Want Invesco Recognised

Matatu owners have decried what they termed as unjustified harassment and frustrations pitting their insurance company, Invesco.

In a news conference in Nairobi, the Matatu Owners Association President Albert Karakacha said that the operators are facing a lot of harassment and unjust treatment thereby jeopardising their work.

Trouble started brewing when a receiver manager, armed with a court order, sought to have Invesco mulled.

The Associate through the able Leadership of National President Albert Karakacha won the case in court and were given orders to have Invesco continue with it’s day to day work.

As if that was not pleasant to the receiver manager , he started to harass the workers whilst tagging along a platoon of police officers to surround Invesco offices.

Karakacha termed such a move as cowardly and that they win budge to such intimidations.

In furtherance to that, Karakacha questioned why the Government of Kenya Kwanza, which took the mandate with a promise of the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda BETA, has now turned a deaf ear to the same hustlers who have been burning the midnight oil to have the economy back to it’s feet…

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