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One on one with Kimani Jamii Products CEO

My name is Charles Kimani, Popularly known as Kimani wa Makaratasi. I am endeavoring to green the environment through recycling of wastes to make flower vases, Candle holders, Dust bins, Lamp shades to mention a few.

In addition, through my enterprise Jamii Products, a local manufacturing company based in Witeithie, Juja Constituency in Kiambu County, I make khaki paper products, i.e., packaging bags, including envelopes, book covers, cake boxes, gift bags, and popcorn bags, using hands-on skills without machines since 2018.
My motivation was born after the imposition of the ban on plastic in Kenya, where I thought of a venture that would play a critical role in climate change action, environmental conservation, the circular economy, ensuring zero waste, and community empowerment.

I describe myself as an innovator who trains people living with disabilities for free and takes part in the rehabilitation of prisoners by transmitting hands-on skills which will help them integrate with the community and creation of job opportunities. . We have empowered 25 groups for disabled in kibra ,Kiambu ,Nanyuki , Nairobi,6 prisons Central and Nairobi regions and more that 23 school for intellectual challenge units .

After training classes, Jamii Products offers them the materials and tools they need to start their own enterprises. Since 2018, Jamii Products, which I initiated while I was an undergraduate student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology using a mobile soft loan, we have trained over 8500 people and offered job opportunities to 19 people. 3 of them being disabled i.e , albinism,deaf and physical
1 staff Being 48 years from prison (7 years in jail )
I looks with hope to the horizon as I position myself to be an integral contributor to the efforts of mitigating the effects of climate change, conserving the environment, and community engagement through behavior and social change and the provision of employment opportunities.
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