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KARIKA is an acronym of Kenyan Aged people Require Information, Knowledge & Advancement. This is a registered community based organization CBO, under the ministry of culture and social services in the year 2003, located in Dagoretti South Riruta location next to police station.

KARIKA is under the wise leadership of the Founder and Managing Director Elijah Mwega, who on Saturday 16th December 2023 celebrated 20 years of this CBO.

The mission of KARIKA is to inform, educate and promote policies and practice to improve the quality of life of older persons.

It’s also strives to support ageing people in the community; to make them self sufficient and remove them from the poverty trap. It aspires to advocate on behalf of the ageing people to ensure a better future and to give them hope in life.
Elijah Mwega passionately spoke about the pressing need to have older persons represented in the National Assembly.

He said:

“In our National Assembly we have seen youths, women, and people living with disabilities being represented. Why is it that we lack representation as the senior citizens?”

He therefore urged president William Ruto’s government to see to it that senior citizens are well represented.
One senior citizen who attended the occasion, Josephine Nyambutu also implored upon the government to increase the monthly cash transfer program from the meagre Ksh 2,000 to something more substantive because the senior citizens have so many dependents who directly rely on them for upbringing

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