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Trade mark Africa yesterday signed a technical and financial support agreement with the National Horticulture Taskforce. This technical suport was geared towards facilitating roll out of Business Environment and Export Enhancing Program(BEEP) which is among other areas supporting the transition of 50% of fresh produce exports from Kenya from air to sea-fleight by the year 2030.
The agreement was signed to brought together stakeholders from logistic sector to access the state of agro logistics in Kenya and review development in Kenyans masterplan that is going to roll out big programs, modal shift of fresh produce export from air to sea freight. Kenyas transitioning from airfreight to seafreight is not only an environmental choice but a vital economic advantage
The National Horticulture Taskforce is a significant partner in implementing this program. Ahmed Farah Kenya Country Director Trademark Africa said that the first mile is to look on challenges that are experienced by farmers and producers through the logistic platform. Logistic is the component for National Horticulture Taskforce. The private sector has a part to play in accelerating growth. Ahmed added that there is need for Kenyan producers to integrate sustainable agricultural practices and environmental imapact mitigating strategies contributing towards the actualization of net zero carbon emmissions as the world moves more towards sustainabe production.
Clement Tulezi, Chairperson National Horticulture Taskforce said”We are grateful for the support we have received from European Union through Trademark Africa. Through the support, we are keen on supporting the implementation of the programmes objectives”. Looking for supply chain all from market, the role of National Horticulture Taskforce is the coordination and providing platform said Tulezi.

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