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Nyole’s Skillful Hands Steer AAK to Greatness

She is skillful, talented, focused and industrious. She also gears all her energy towards catapulting the Architectural Association of Kenya to great strides.

She is the AAK President Arch. Florence Nyole.

Earlier on Monday, President Florence Nyole led a delegation from AAK to present the Association’s memorandum on the Affordable Housing Bill 2023 before the Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning and the Departmental Committee on Housing, Urban Planning and Planning.

Key among AAK’s submission was that the definition of affordable housing falls short of the holistic functionality of a dwelling. Also, the Bill fails to incorporate urban planning and regeneration as an essential component to developing sustainable communities and neighborhoods.

AAK also emphasized the need for professionals to be members of the board, recognizing the distinct roles of each professional.

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