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Branch MFB merged with Solve Kenya to support the online economy and support MSMEs’ access to credit

Branch MFB entered into a strategic partnership with Solv Kenya to extend credit, and business development support, promote the online economy, and create linkages to MSMEs.

The partnership aims to unlock new growth potential for MSMEs by bridging the credit gap, providing financial guidance, and accelerating business linkages for entrepreneurs across the country.

Under the arrangement, Branch MFB will provide loans and working capital of up to Kshs. 1 million for MSMEs on Solv Kenya’s platform, facilitating their cash flow and stock financing from suppliers and distributors.

Speaking during the partnership announcement, Branch East Africa Managing Director Rose Muturi said seamless access to digital financial services will help address liquidity challenges for MSMEs.

This partnership, she said, goes beyond simply providing instant digital loans to enterprises. It is about empowering MSMEs with market linkages and support to build sustainable businesses and contribute to Kenya’s economic growth.
“Access to credit facilities and business support is key to unlocking the full potential of our MSMEs. The partnership is a significant step forward in achieving this goal. By combining our expertise, we will provide Kenyan entrepreneurs with the comprehensive support they need to scale their businesses and contribute to a more vibrant Kenyan economy,” Muturi said.

Solv Kenya has a diversified portfolio on its platform, cutting across various supply chains ranging from food, consumer goods, construction, alcoholic beverages, animal feeds, electronics, airline and travel

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