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MP Mugo & Chege Njuguna Very Independent

Two Members of Parliament from Murang’a County have been hailed for being very independent minded in their style of execution of their Constitutionally granted mandate of representation, legislation and oversight.
The two members are Edwin Mugo Gichuki (Mathioya MP) and his Kandara Counterpart Chege Njuguna.
Injecting fresh blood, impetus and focus, the youthful leaders are keen on changing the traditional political narrative and trend which was founded on sycophancy.
Our independent investigations on the ground has impressive repute accorded to the two legislators. They don’t merely budge to party influence, pressure or inclination.
A case in point was when His Excellency the president Dr. William Ruto was in Makenji, Murang’a County for the launch of the affordable Husing project. The two MPs, although not physically present, have already rolled up their sleeves in making sure that they are in full support of the PLAN – The Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).
The ground independent survey gave Hon Edwin Mugo a 82% approval rating with a 96% possibility of re-election whilst his counterpart in Kandara has a 85% approval rating with a 96.4% possibility of being re-elected.
The secret of these two leaders is simple – don’t just follow the President and his deputy everywhere they go. But be very present, profound and keen on the ground, traversing every corner and nook of their respective constituencies in service to the electorate.
The people we spoke to cited transparent and open disbursement of bursary as one of the top flagships earning points of the independent-minded leaders. Other propelling factors were: being open minded, accessible, offering people centered service, lobbying for improvement of education, health, infrastructure and other social enablers.
These leaders are said to be carefully following the footsteps of political heroes Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, Bildad Mwaganu Kagia, John Michuki, just to mention but a few.
Rubia was the first African mayor of Nairobi and served as a Cabinet minister in the Moi government.
Matiba, who is remembered for agitating for an expanded democratic space, was certain he was robbed of the presidency in 1992.
Michuki was a long-serving civil servant and later an astute politician and businessman.
All three men never shied away from speaking their minds, and for Matiba and Rubia it would come at an enormous cost to their wealth and health.

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