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Bsp Wanjiru: Ruto and Rigathi Are To Blame for my predicament

The Apostolic Bishop of the Jesus is Alive Ministries Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has come out to candidly express shock in the way she was abruptly attacked, humiliated, and even roughed up.
Bishop Margaret found themselves cornered by some hooded and armed mean-looking police officers. Without uttering a word to the law-abiding Bishop, they started to beat them up, apparently for no reason.
“Up to now, they are still holding my phone saying they are conducting investigations. I want to categorically state that if anything happens to me, President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua are squarely to blame.
Wanjiru also wondered why they were this cruel to her, considering that she burned the midnight oil selling and campaigning for the UDA Party in Nairobi.
“a week ago, we shared a pulpit in the Nyayo Stadium repenting of our sins. Is this the revival we were expecting? Land grabbing by Government officials in the eyes of the government? Is this how you reward our work, our hard labor for this Government? Now let me tell you something, My President and my Deputy President, from today, this Margaret Wanjiru that was beaten, my clothes lifted up, by young policemen, security agents they touched my thighs, me, a woman of God, I wanna make a very sweet promise to you, believe you me, you will look for me, you went for Pastor Benny Hinn in America, for me I’m not moving and I am not going anywhere. I will be here. You have started a fight that you cannot win. We have lived with this community parking all these years; we have never fought. You are using the MD railways; I pity his family. Because as I cried yesterday and today, even his family and yours are not exempted from these tears. You will pay. We are extremely disappointed with the Kenya Kwanza Government. I have immense respect and honor for President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, but from today, take it from this altar, tables are turning.”

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